" Four days that will Change your life "

The Gastric mind Band® Therapy was created, developed here at the Elite Clinic in Spain by Martin and Marion Shirran, where they have now built up in excess of 6,000 hours of one-to-one clinical treatment time. As a potential client we take your health and well being very seriously, and we therefore feel it is vital that anyone considering this very successful procedure are made aware that ONLY THOSE THERAPISTS LISTED ON THIS SITE have been properly trained and are qualified and accredited to administer the Gastric mind Band® (GmB) procedure.

ALL other similar therapies that you may see listed, advertised or on Internet websites, which are often referred to as Virtual Gastric Band, Hypnosis Gastric Band, Hypnotic Gastric Band, Hypno Band, or even other "so called" Gastric mind Band clinics are simply imitations or copycat type operations. They ARE NOT Gastric mind Band® Therapists.

The GmB therapy has been featured on TV and in the press all over the world, and has become the gold standard weight loss method, attracting clients and celebrities to the Elite Clinic near Marbella from around the world. The therapy is not the least expensive option available; it is, however the most researched in the market. If you have any questions that are not answered on the website, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to phone you and talk through the treatment plan in detail if necessary. We look forward to meeting you at the clinic in Spain in the near future.

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All private clients undertaking treatment in Spain will be seen exclusively by the founders and developers of the 'Gastric mind Band' therapy, Martin and Marion Shirran.

News and Media

Psychologies Magazine

Psychologies magazine dedicated two pages to the Pause Button Therapy element of the Gastric Mind Band Treatment and the publication of the PBT book by Hay House in November 2012.

Vogue Magazine

Vogue magazine featured the Gastric Mind Band treatment in the 'Vogue Beauty' section in January 2011, commenting on the many testimonials and the short four day treatment time.

Easy Living Magazine

Easy Living magazine featured the book, 'Shirran's Solution The Gastric Mind Band' in February. The book which was published in 2010, details the Gastric Mind Band process.

Marie Claire Magazine

Marie Claire magazine dedicated a whole page to the Gastric Mind Band treatment in January, telling the story of Laura Graham who had visited the Elite Clinic in Spain.

Hello Magazine

Hello magazine ran a full page article on the Gastric Mind Band treatment in November, it featured pictures of Geri Halliwell, Sophia Dahl & Helen Lederer, who all lost weight using hypnotherapy.

Patient stories

" The results were amazing. Before the therapy, I would wake up thinking about what I would eat. Now, I have to remind myself to eat. "

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