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What better ambassador for a successful weight loss method could there be, other than Martin Shirran, co-founder of the Gastric Mind Band Therapy? He put himself forward as a guinea-pig, testing the method out on himself and writing his own Gastric mind Band Diary in the process….

As my friends, relatives and medical records will confirm, I personally have fought a battle with my weight for the best part of twenty five years. In the recent past, my weight has been as high as, dare I say it, 117 kilos: that’s an incredible 18 stone 3lbs. So the people whose opinion I trust the most came up with a suggestion.

weight loss for men

“Martin why don’t you undertake a trial. We can take regular photos of you, and you can keep an ongoing diary covering your experiences.” Great, I

thought, fat photos of me all across the News of the World! But how could I refuse? Over the past twelve months I like others had been trying out the various individual components of the treatment, but never the combined treatment plan as a whole.

My first session took place on the Monday afternoon, 19th May 2008. Using the standard case conceptualisation forms and documentation, and it lasted around four hours. My starting weight was recorded at 108 kilos (238 lbs)

The second session took place on Friday the 23rd May: it consisted of CBT and hypnotherapy. I was introduced to the idea that my stomach was shrinking, that I wanted to eat smaller portions and to eat less often, also interestingly to the idea that the taste of alcohol was no longer quite as appealing as in the past.

At the end of the session I underwent a standard ‘Metabolic Fingerprinting’ procedure, which enabled us to confirm my exact RMR, resting metabolic rate: mine was 1,710.

During the sessions I was continually told how my stomach was shrinking, always getting smaller. As happens with every client, I spent the second session holding a 1lb jar of simulated medical human fat, not a pleasant sight or memory. During another, I alternated between holding a melon, (quite heavy), and a golf ball in my hand: I was told to visualise the heavy melon as my large existing stomach and the little golf ball as my new miniature replacement.

At session number four I had the Gastric mind Band fitted. As expected, I continue eating portions as if my stomach is the size of a golf ball. Each client is given a personalised GMB golf ball, to place on the table next to their plate every time they eat, even if it is in a restaurant. When you sit in a restaurant with a menu and a golf ball in front of you, it tends to really focus your mind.

What of the weight loss? I was weighed and photographed, in the same suit on Monday 21st July, nine weeks after my first session. My weight had dropped from 108 kilos to 96 kilos, a weight loss of 12 kilos, just over 26 lbs, which equals an average reduction of 2.8 lbs per week..weight loss for men

However, when talking to a doctor friend regarding my dieting success he suggested that instead of stopping, or indeed being satisfied at 94 kilos, why not carry on until I reach 88.5 kilos, as this would place by BMI within the NICE recommended guidelines (it would be the first time I had achieved this in my entire adult life).

Monday 22nd September. Today’s weight was recorded at 88.3 kilos. Wow! That is a personal best. I have decided to carry on a little longer with the trial, because even though I am no longer obese, the charts say I am still overweight. I cannot see it myself but still.

Wednesday 22nd October. My weight today is down to an incredible 85.5 kilos. I have dropped nearly 3 kilos in 4 weeks, and like so many other people I talk to who are undergoing GMB therapy, it really does seem nearly effortless. Since starting the treatment my total weight loss to date is close to 50lb. This week I tried to lift a 50lb bag of potatoes; I couldn’t do it. How frightening is that?

I have decided to carry on with the trial and take my weight down to 79.5 kilos. According to the standard BMI charts, at 1m74 I will still be a little overweight, but I have decided to call it a day when I reach my new, but final, target.

gastric mind band storyBut first, if you still have doubts, why not ‘Try it Before You Buy it’.

We recently recorded a one hour MP3 audio file, which contains a full introduction of the GMB treatment by Martin and Marion Shirran and includes a studio-produced full GMB Hypnotherapy Session, it will hopefully demonstrate to you how with the GMB treatment you really can achieve the Permanent Weight Loss you desire. The MP3 download costs just £9.95, which is fully refundable should you at any time within six months of purchase decide to undertake the GMB treatment in any format. You can read more information and if you wish download the file here.

You really have nothing to lose….Just Excess Weight

gastric mind band story

International Home Visits

In addition to providing the Gastric Mind Band treatment at the clinic, Martin and Marion continue to offer the full treatment package internationally via private home visits worldwide; the fees are subject to availability and negotiation.

Potential clients requiring additional information or details of availability are invited to contact Martin and Marion.

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