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Gastric Mind Band Appointments. All private clients who book their Gastric Mind Band treatment at the Elite Clinic in Spain are guaranteed to be treated exclusively by the founders and developers of the Gastric Mind Band® Therapy, Martin and Marion Shirran.


The standard clinic based Gastric Mind Band Treatment

Gastric Mind Band AppointmentsThe Full Clinic based Gastric Mind Band Treatment. The full Gastric Mind Band Therapy package incorporates four intensive Gastric Mind Band sessions – with a combined minimum treatment time of 14 hours. The treatment package includes a full Korr metabolic assessment and a Tanita body fat analysis test. Full blood analysis tests are also included.

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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Clients are provided with a set of six professionally recorded Audio Files covering their Gastric Mind Band treatment, along with a personalised recording of one of their sessions. Clients also receive a copy of our comprehensive GMB Therapy manual, a set of unique weight loss tools, plus signed copies of the books ‘Shirrans Solution the Gastric Mind Band’ and Pause Button Therapy as published by Hay House.

The clinic administrator will initially confirm the availability of your chosen dates and times for your treatment either by phone or email. We are happy to provisionally reserve selected dates for up to 24 hours whilst clients book their flights and accommodation.

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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Once confirmed a non-refundable, but fully transferable deposit of £495 is required. You will be emailed an online invoice, enabling you to pay securely either by PayPal, or with your credit or debit card, or, if you prefer, by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, we will email you our bank details. After this, all you need to do is arrive at the clinic, and relax, your four sessions will be life changing. A comprehensive breakdown of the content of the four sessions can be found here

Should you have any specific questions that have not been answered on the site, or wish to check availability of Gastric Mind Band appointments, please contact us.

The fully inclusive cost of the Standard Gastric Mind Band Therapy as detailed above is £1,495.

New Expanded Gastric Mind Band Treatment

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The now very popular Expanded Gastric Mind Band treatment package, incorporates all of the components of the Standard GMB, with additional elements added to include in-depth personalised information and guidance around Diet and Nutrition along with additional CBT session time, and an additional dedicated Hypnotherapy session. The Expanded package also incorporates unlimited session extension time, allowing for a far deeper analysis and explanation of any past events or situations that may have impacted on a clients weight gain. The Expanded Treatment package incorporates approximately six additional hours of add on treatment as a minimum.

The fully inclusive cost of the Premium Gastric Mind Band Therapy package as detailed above is £2,295.

Elite Gastric Mind Band.

Gastric Mind Band AppointmentsElite ‘VIP’ Gastric Mind Band. We continue to offer a limited number of exclusive VIP treatment packages at the clinic, which involve the reserving of the entire clinic for a four-day period. VIP clients on this package do not need appointments. The clinic is in effect for their exclusive use from 7.00am to 7.00pm each day, allowing them to attend as and when they wish.

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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Additionally, as the clinic has been booked exclusively, we can guarantee that  access to the reception and waiting area will be restricted only to the VIP guests, ensuring total security and confidentiality. For full details of the VIP package please visit the dedicated web site at Prospective brides requiring additional information are invited to contact Martin and Marion direct to discuss any special requests or requirements.

As the clinic is in effect booked exclusively for the ‘Elite’ package, it provides for completely unlimited session length, many clients have in the past decided to book this package in the knowledge that they have a number of additional issues around food, alcohol and addictive behaviour that they wish to address during their visit, please feel free to contact the clinic should you which to discuss the matter in more detail.

Should you have any specific questions that have not been answered on the site, or if you would like to check availability prior to booking, please contact us.

The fully inclusive cost of the VIP programme ranges from £4,995.

Martin and Marion continue to offer International Home visits to provide the GMB treatment, subject to availability and negotiation, please contact them at the clinic for more information.

GMB for Teens

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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Gastric Mind Band AppointmentsGMB for Teens. We offer a dedicated Gastric Mind Band package for teenagers (under the age of 17) see additional information here, the treatment is shorter in length than the normal treatment. Part of the first session involves at least one of the teenager’s parents. Further details can be found in the About GMB section of the GMB site.

Should you have any specific questions that have not been answered on the site, or if you would like to check availability prior to booking, please contact us.

The fully inclusive cost of the Teens programme is £995.

Live Skype based treatment.

Gastric Mind Band AppointmentsLive Skype based treatment.For our clients who find, for a number of reasons, including financial or time restraints, that they are unable to travel to Spain to complete the Gastric Mind Band, we now offer the treatment, live, via Skype, all in the comfort of your own home. This full GMB treatment package is conducted live exclusively by Martin & Marion Shirran and follows the identical treatment protocols that would be provided to clients who had travelled to the clinic in Spain.

Prior to starting the treatment we will arrange an introduction Skype call for you with Martin and Marion. Following this you will receive a PDF copy of the GMB Forensic Questionnaire, after completion and return to the clinic is will be personally reviewed and used as the core of your treatment. After each of the four GMB sessions, each client is emailed a full studio-produced MP3 audio file containing the Hypnotherapy track, as appropriate. In addition to the four main sessions you will be sent additional audio and video files as appropriate. To assist our Skype clients, and subject to availability the Skype sessions can often be  to be taken in the evening or over the weekend.

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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After completing your GMB treatment you will receive a full PDF copy of the GMB treatment manual, and we will schedule a further dedicated Skype follow-up session, enabling us to track your progress and incorporate any adjustments necessary.

Should you have any specific questions that have not been answered on the site, or if you would like to check availability of Gastric Mind Band appointments prior to booking, please contact us.

The fully inclusive cost of the Live Skype version of the Gastric Mind Band Therapy is £995.


Online Gastric Mind Band Therapy

Gastric Mind Band AppointmentsOnline Gastric Mind Band Therapy. Clients who are unable travel to Spain, can now complete the reduced cost GMB treatment Online in the comfort of their own home.

Gastric Mind Band Appointments
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As an Online GMB client, you will receive all the standard documentation, including the GMB Forensic Questionnaire, access to six online video sessions, six audio sessions, and six studio produced hypnotherapy/visualisation sessions, as well as a number of other components as detailed on the Online GMB page.

At the end of each week you will be invited to join a live webinar. The new Online Gastric Mind Band Therapy has been developed after many months of trials to ensure it delivers a truly inspirational weight loss experience of the standard that GMB clients worldwide have come to expect. To maintain quality standards, and to ensure that each client receives the required level of service, places will be limited.

 The fully inclusive cost of the Online programme is £295

Permanent Weight Loss

International Home Visits

In addition to providing the Gastric Mind Band at the clinic, Martin and Marion continue to offer the full treatment package internationally via private home visits worldwide; the fees are subject to availability and negotiation. Potential clients requiring additional information or details of availability are invited to contact Martin and Marion.

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Late Booking. Gastric Mind Band Appointments. Availability at the clinic as you would expect varies throughout the year, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. However the occasional cancellation or rescheduling of a pre-booked clients itinerary will sometimes result in last minute availability, prospective clients are invited to contact the clinic for details of available treatment dates.

You can find additional information regarding flights and accommodation, by visiting the FAQ section.